Woo Your Client

Be productive with your clients with clear communication and actions

Don’t Miss Anything. Be Productive.

1. Keep all your communications with clients in one place to quickly recap everything.

2. Be clear about what to be discussed, so you don’t waste time.

3. Build powerful agendas to keep your meetings on track.

4. Keep your client informed of the progress of your meeting discussion.

Client Meeting

Seamless Collaboration with Clients

No-fuss Onboarding

Easy signup with your everyday email suite and quick meeting scheduling. Built-in calendar and third-party calendar integration help you seamlessly manage your day.

Set Meeting Expectations

Avoid wasting your time by setting discussion items with the Agenda Builder so that your meeting goes as expected without going off track. Realize the power of a structured meeting.

Plan the next course of action

Summarize your client meeting with action points and what you need to do for the next meeting. Stay focused and productive with every meeting with clear goals.

Stay Organized With Archives

All the meetings with specific clients stay at one place with all related discussions and related files, allowing you to strategize, plan, and complete the project on time. Impress your client with your streamlined process.

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