The world's first meeting management network.

For The Organizers

At the core of our vision is the individual who is responsible for scheduling meetings, creating and distributing documentation as well as communicating various actions and updates to meeting participants/stake-holders.

By providing a one-click, Quick Agenda and Minute taking features, QuickMinutes transforms the process of meeting management into an efficient and satisfying activity.

For The Managers

While optimizing the meeting management process is at the heart of our value proposition, we have always been excited about the benefits of Networked Administration.

Networked Administration saves executive time with ease of access to documentation and data over the network. As well as facilitating data driven decision-making, QuickMinutes is perfect for streamlining integration across large multi-stakeholder projects, identify overlap and eliminating duplication.

Person holding an iphone which has the Quick Minutes users section displayed

For The Participants

QuickMinutes enables the participant to enjoy to engage paper free with their meeting materials by providing a centralised access point for all docs, annotations and actions.

By providing a single access point for all your meeting related material, for every meeting, QuickMinutes enables you to focus on engaging effectively with your committees.

What They're Saying

Don’t just take our word for it, read our customer reviews.

University College Cork Logo

We are currently using QuickMinutes as an online repository for several committees within the College of Medicine and Health, allowing members to find everything related to each meeting in the one location.

Kathryn Neville
UCC College of Medicine and Health
Buscemi Logo

We came across QuickMinutes while we were looking for tech that would give our various departments an operational edge. It is difficult to find something that is simple to use, effective and transparent.

Andy Ajluni
CEO Buscemi LLC
IT At Cork Logo

QuickMinutes worked brilliantly for us at this week’s board meeting. Our directors were very impressed by the system and made numerous compliments. Using this portal has halved my workload. Thank you!

Sarah Walsh
Events & Marketing

Pricing Plans

A ‘Seat’ can be defined as a user who has access to a meeting group e.g. Members, Administrators, Chairpersons etc.


Up To 10 Seats

5 GB Storage

9-5 Email Support


Up To 50 Seats

35 GB Storage

9-5Phone Support


Up To 150 Seats

225 GB Storage

24/7 Support

Price on Asking

Choose No. Of Seats

Custom Storage Plan


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