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This meeting should have been an email? No.It should have been productive.

We help you do just that. And More.

Meetings Scheduler

Easily create meetings with your conference link and notify colleagues.

Meeting Agendas

Instantly build a meeting agenda with topics and share with colleagues.

Meeting Minutes & Recap

Smartly capture meeting minutes and share with colleagues.

Meeting Calendar Sync

In-build calendar view with your work calendar synchronization.

Meeting Collaboration

Circulate meetings and agendas for paperless meetings.

Meeting Attendance / Apologies

Keep track of attendees and absentees.

Meeting Archives

Search, View, and Download historical information about meetings. (FOI)

Smart Topics

Keep track of different meetings on the same agenda topics to instantly get insights about the progress.


Bird’s eye view of users, teams, meetings, and organizations with out-of-the-box analytics.

Single Sign On

Seamless once click sign-in with official email IDs.

Here is how it works

How it works

Your meetings, agendas, and minutes stay organized in one place for future references and reconciliation.

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Who is it for?

Virtually any team who want to make their meetings exciting and productive

For Board Members

Simple, Sorted, and Secure Governance

For Client Meetings

Quick, Efficient, and Productive Planning

For In-house & Remote Teams

Streamlined, Organized & Collaborative Meetings


Yes. Up to 10 numbers of users.

No. It’s so intuitive that you can schedule your first meeting within 90 seconds of signup.

Yes. You can use virtually any conferencing platform and share the link when creating meetings.

Yes. You can download or print every attachment, agenda, and minutes of the meeting.

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