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1. Centralize all communication with your board members in a single place with supporting documents.

2. Enable freedom of information across the board.

3. Build powerful agendas to keep your meetings on track.

4. Summarize meetings with actionable items and their status.

Board Meeting

Streamline Board Meetings & Boost Your Management

Quick Onboarding & Scheduling

QuickMinutes allows you to sign up with your everyday email suite and schedule meetings with your preferred conferencing tool. All board members are notified instantly by email. Built-in & third-party calendar scheduling helps you stay on track.

Clear Agendas With Agenda Builder

Board meetings were used to go off the track. Until now. Create well-defined agendas with meeting actions and time allotment so that you run a productive meeting without wasting time.

Future Actions With Minutes Builder

Conclude your board meetings with meeting minutes and agreed actions to be taken next. Plan for the next meeting with previous meeting notes attached automatically.

Stay Organized With Archives

Your every meeting and related items are stored in one place, allowing you to search, view, and recap quickly. Stop wasting your time finding what happened on that day of that month.

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