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For The Organiser

At the core of our vision is the individual who is responsible for scheduling meetings, creating and distributing documentation as well as communicating various actions and updates to meeting participants/stakeholders.

By providing a on-click, Quick Agenda and Minute taking features, QuickMinutes transforms the process of meeting management into an efficient and satisfying activity.

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For Participants

QuickMinutes enables the participant to enjoy to engage paper free with their meeting materials by providing a centralised access point for all docs, annotations and tasks.

By providing a single access point for all your meeting related material, for every meeting, QuickMinutes enables you to focus on engaging effectively with your committees.

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For Managers

While optimizing the meeting management process is at the heart of our value proposition, we have always been excited about the benefits of Networked Administration.

Networked Administration saves executive time with ease of access to documentation and data over the network. As well as facilitating data driven decision-making, QuickMinutes is perfect for streamlining integration across large multi-stakeholder projects, identify overlap and eliminating duplication.

About Us

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    Our Beginnings

    As a team, we have extensive experience working in both the Public and Private Sectors, some of the world’s largest technology companies and also sitting on multiple governing bodies. One thing has always been clear to us; regardless of the organisation - meetings suck!

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    The Problem

    It’s time consuming to prepare for meetings - the meeting documentation is constantly being updated, and follow up tasks are sometimes incomplete. Sometimes organisations have meetings about meetings! Implementing transparency and accountability can be challenging - we made it our goal to change that.

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    The Solution

    Make meetings what they’re meant to be - a period of time in which data is analysed, decisions are taken and actions are assigned. By creating business processes around the concept of a meeting we ensure that each and every meeting is value added to the organisation and participants.

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    Extra Value

    Trying to understand whats happening across your organisation? Through networked administration QuickMinutes enables senior managers to have a birds eye overview, and engage in cross-committee collaboration. Use the power of networks to get work done and advance your organisational goals.

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The QuickMinutes Team

Photo of QuickMinutes CEO Danny O Donovan

Danny O Donovan

Chief Executive Officer

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Photo of QuickMinutes CTO Martin Bullman

Martin Bullman

Chief Technology Officer

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Photo of QuickMinutes developer Nicholas Sotiriou

Nicholas Sotiriou

Lead Developer

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Photo of QuickMinutes Chief Information Officer Barry Dorgan

Barry Dorgan

Chief Information Officer

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Photo of QuickMinutes Graphic Designer Ciaran Coulstock

Ciaran Coulstock

UI / UX Designer

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Photo of QuickMinutes Social Media & Public Relation Rebecca Barford Ryan

Rebecca Barford Ryan

Trainee Business Analyst

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Photo of QuickMinutes president Nick Ajluni

Nick Ajluni

Regional Manager - California, USA

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Photo of QuickMinutes regional marketing officer Nick Guillen

Nick Guillen

Business Development - California, USA

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Photo of QuickMinutes Senior Advisor / Board Member Joel Evanier

Joel Evanier

Business Adviser - California, USA

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Our Customers

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Pricing Plans

A ‘Seat’ can be defined as a user who has access to a meeting group e.g. Members, Administrators, Chairpersons etc.
A Seat costs €1, per person, per group.


€10 a month

Up To 10 Seats

5 GB Storage

9-5 Email Support


€50 a month

Up to 50 Seats

35 GB Storage

9-5 Phone Support


€150 a month

Up to 150 Seats

225 GB Storage

24/7 Support


Price on Asking / Month

Choose No. Of Seats

Custom Storage Plan

24/7 Support

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