QuickMinutes is GDPR Compliant

Last Modified: March 2019
QuickMinutes.com is dedicated to streamline your meeting management process without putting your data at risk.
1. What is GDPR?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced on the 25th of May 2018 , it provides for higher standards of data protection for individuals and imposes increased obligations on organisations that process personal data. For the full GDPR text click here.

2. How is QuickMinutes.com GDPR Compliant?

    With the Data Protection landscape having gone under considerate change QuickMinutes.com has taken the following steps to not only become GDPR compliant, but to also ensure the interests of our users were protected.

  1. We appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO)
    • The role of a DPO is to audit the data systems within the company and ensure that all practices are in compliance with regulation. The DPO is also the first point of contact for anyone who wants to contact QuickMinutes.com with regards to their personal data. You can contact our DPO via email: sriv@quickminutes.com
  2. We established which data is protected under GDPR
    • Once we established which of our data was covered under the new regulation we were able to outline the protocols needed to achieve compliance. We then extended those protocols to cover all data we store.
  3. We established our lawful basis for processing personal data
    • We at QuickMinutes.com use the data subjects consent as our lawful basis for processing personal data, as stated in the GDPR, Article 6, Section 1, (a)
  4. We redesigned our sign-up forms to get explicit consent
    • To ensure we had the correct explicit consent from the data subject for each area in which we process their data so we could maintain our lawful basis. This meant a full redesign of our user first-time login process as well as reducing the amount of data gathered on sign up. This ensures that all users are aware of how their data is used by our service.
  5. We updated our privacy policy and terms of service
    • In line with GDPR and in the interest of clarification we updated our Privacy Policy, added a Cookie Policy and the biggest change was to our Terms of Service. We modified the terms of service to reflect the redesign of our data processes and to ensure transparency across our service.
  6. We updated our databases in line with GDPR requirements for data storage
    • We brought in new organizational and programmatic procedures to ensure data integrity beyond the outlined data protection obligations. We also maintain that all data is stored within the EU.
  7. We created procedures around how and when we report a data breach
    • In the unlikely event that the data under our care becomes compromised we have documented the breach report procedure and made it available to all members of staff so the relevant authorities can be notified in a timely manner. We also have systems in place for detecting breaches which would limit any damage caused.