QuickMinutes FAQ

  • Actions

    • How do I create actions?

      When in a committee, click the Actions tab, then click the ‘Add Action’ button. Once you give the action a name it can be stored and edited at any time.

      QM Actions Modal image
    • How do I assign actions?

      Use the ‘Add Action’ button and populate the Action with as much or as little details as you see fit. Each Action can be assigned to multiple individuals with the option to identify an Action Lead. Assigning an individual to be responsible for an Action is important for getting the Action complete.

      QM Actions Assign
    • What can I do with actions assigned to me?

      Any member of a committee can update and engage with Actions assigned to them as well as monitor all Actions belonging to a committee.

      An assignee can:

      • Mark an Action as complete
      • Request an update
      • Update the progress on an Action
      • Engage in discussion on an Action
      • Monitor a Action
      QM My Actions
    • How do I share Actions?

      The ‘Share Action’ feature allows you to share Actions between two Committees that have an interest in the outcome of an Action.

      For example;

      • A parent-committee may share several Actions with a sub-committee. Members of the sub-committee will be able to engage, update and complete the Action while the parent committee will have full oversight.
      • A sub-committee may share an Action with a parent committee seeking approval on plans, budgets etc.

      Sharing an Action does not duplicate the Action but creates a link to the original.

      QM Share Actions Modal
  • Agendas

    • What is the Agenda Builder?

      The Agenda Builder is an interactive feature that allows the committee administrator upload meeting documentation directly to the ‘Meeting Pack’ where members can access, engage and participate in the meeting in a paperless fashion.

      The Agenda Builder can:

      • Create an Agenda template on click;
      • Automatically populate Meeting Details i.e. Date, Time, etc;
      • Enable you to, remove or reorder Agenda items with drag & drop;
      • Automatically number Agenda items with a numbering protocol;
      • Enable you to directly attach document(s) to Agenda items;
      • Enable you to update a document(s) status as well as 'Info' on specific Agenda (sub) items;
      • Can automatically generate a .docx to be made available for members.
      • Work harmoniously with existing QuickMinutes functionality;
      QM Agendas page
  • Attendance & Apologies

    • How do I take Attendance/Apologies?

      Click the ‘Attendance’ button within the ‘Meeting Pack’. Here you can mark members as ‘In Attendance’, view and register apologies with the option of printing an Attendance sheet using the ‘Export’ button.

      QM Attendance page
    • How do I register an Apology?

      Step One: Click on ‘Send Apology’ within your ‘Meeting Pack’ or click the ‘Send Apology’ link issued with your Meeting Pack notification.

      Step Two: Customise your apology and click ‘Send Apology’

      Step Three: The Administrator of the meeting will receive your apology and you are all set.

      QM Apology modal
  • Committees

    • How do I create a Committee?

      Step 1: Click the ‘Create Committee’ button on the “My Committees” page.

      Step 2: Enter the Committee name.

      Step 3: Select the Organisation that the Committee belongs to.

      Step 4: Enter the Committee Description.

      Step 5: Click ‘Create’.

      Step 6: Now the Committee has been created. Please note that invitations will not be sent to members until you ‘Create’ your first ‘Meeting’.

      QM Create commitee page
    • How do I manage access to a Committee?

      Access to a committee can be granted and revoked within the member’s section of a committee.

      QM Manage committee access

      Clicking the Add Members button will launch a pop-up that enables you to add multiple members by copy & pasting multiple email addresses and clicking ‘Add’. At this point you can also specify the user’s permissions within the committee i.e. Committee Administrator or Committee Member.

      QM add members modal

      The Members area also gives the Administrator high-level insights as to the status of an individual user.

      QM pending invite page

      User Active: Means the user has been active within the last two months.

      User Inactive: Means that the user has signed up but has not been active within the last two months.

      Invite Pending: Means the user has been invited but has not signed up yet. Invite can be reissued by clicking the yellow envelope.

  • Control Panel

    • What is the Control Panel?

      The ‘Control Panel’ allows members to see how different areas of interest are performing using data from ‘Tags’ within the ‘Actions’ area. As individual Actions get updated and completed the ‘Control Panel’ displays how a specific area of interest is performing.

      For example;
      All Actions tagged with ‘Risk Area 1’ are collectively marked at 75% complete with approximately 55% of the total allocated time for Actions having passed. This means that ‘Risk Area 1’ is well on track and does not need an intervention from senior management.

      QM Control PAnel page
  • Documentation & Files

    • How do I upload files?

      Option A: ‘Add Files’ from your computer. You can easily add multiple files from your computer by holding down Ctrl/Command button and selecting the files you want to upload.

      QM Add files from computer

      Option B: ‘Add Files’ from QuickMinutes. You can easily add multiple files from other committees within QuickMinutes by selecting the files you want to add.

      QM add files from QM

    • How do I access and view documents?

      Every time a meeting pack is published or updated an email will be sent out to each committee member.The email will inform the member of any updates, notifications and will also contain useful quick access links.

      QM view meeting docs
    • How do I open/download document(s)?

      When the committee member arrives are their meeting Pack the following options are available.

      • Open All Document in Browser (Please note that you may have to disable your Pop Up Blocker for QuickMinutes.com)
      • Download All Documents
      • Open Single Document in Browser
      • Download Single Document
      QM how to download documents
  • Login & Passwords

    • Login Page

      For ‘Single Sign-On’ a user can access their QuickMinutes account with their Microsoft 365 or Google credentials. Other identity management options are available such as Active Directory and/or creating an account directly with QuickMinutes.

      QM login page
    • How to Log in with a Google account?

      Step 1: Click ‘Log in with Google’

      Step 2: Select the email address associated with your QuickMinutes account and click next

      You are now logged in.

      QM Google login page
    • How to sign in with my Microsoft 365 account?

      Step 1: Click ‘Log in with Microsoft’

      Step 2: Select the email address associated with your QuickMinutes account and log in

      You are now logged in.

      QM Microsoft login page
    • How do I reset my Password?

      Step 1: Click ‘Forgot Password’

      Step 2: Enter your email address that is associated with your QuickMinutes account

      Step 3: Confirm that you are not a robot

      Step 4: Check your email and follow the password reset link

      Step 5: Enter a new password and return to the log in screen

      QM reset password page
  • Meetings

    • How do I create a Meeting / Meeting Pack?

      If you are the ‘Committee Admin’ you can easily manage documentation, create actions and create meetings which will be automatically populated in the respective ‘Committee Members’ calendar.

      Step One: In the ‘Meeting Packs’ section of a committee, click ‘Create Meeting’ and follow the on screen instructions.

      QM create meeting pack modal

      Step Two: Populate the ‘Meeting Pack’ with meeting documentation. You have three options.

      • Option A: ‘Add Files’ from your computer
      • Option B: ‘Add Files’ from QuickMinutes’ i.e. Minutes from last meeting or crossover documentation from another committee
      • Option C: ‘Build Agenda’ within QuickMinutes and add the files directly to the Agenda
      QM add documentation to meeting pack

      Step Three: The last step is to click ‘Publish’. Selected members will then receive the following email notification where the Committee member then has the option to quickly access meeting documentation or submit their apologies.

      QM meeting pack notification
    • How do I notify Committee Members of updates?

      You can notify Members of updates to the ‘Meeting Pack’ by using the ‘Notify’ option within the ‘Meeting Pack’.

      QM notify members modal
    • How do I keep members informed of meeting changes

      You can keep members up to date of any changes to the ‘Meeting details’ by choosing to notify them after you update the details.

      QM update meeting details modal
  • Member Status

    • What does Active, Inactive and Invitation Pending mean?


      • Member logged in within last two months


      • Member has not logged in over two months

      Both of these user status receive emails as they have logged in at minimum one time and have gave their consent to accept emails from the system. The status merely serves to give you (the administrator) and indication as to how engaged the group is.

      Invitation Pending

      • This means that the user has not logged on once but has been invited. They will not receive emails regarding meetings but there is an option to resend invitation, prompting them to sign up and access their documents.
  • Minutes

    • How do I take minutes?

      Once a meeting begins, click the ‘Take Minutes’ button, just above the files of the meeting pack, this will open the ‘Minutes Builder’. The ‘Minutes Builder’ comes pre-populated with the items from the corresponding Agenda.

      From here you can;

      • Mark Attendance and Apologies
      • Take notes on each item
      • Set the outcome for each item
      • Assign an owner for each item
      • Assign a due date for each item
      QM meeting minutes page
  • My Actions

    • What can be done from My Actions?

      In the ‘My Actions’ section a user will see all Actions assigned to them. The Actions are arranged by committee and can be easily queried by using the search bar at the top of the page.

      QM my actions page
  • My Calendar

    • What can be done from My Calendar?

      QuickMinutes centralises all meetings, actions and events by synchronising calendar entries from the user’s QuickMinutes account with entries from their Microsoft 365 and/or Google calendar.

      QM my calendar page
    • How to sync my Google or Microsoft 365 Calendar?

      You can easily sync your Calendars by navigating to ‘My Profile > Integrations’ and select the Calendar you want to integrate.

      QM sync Google calendar or Microsoft calendar
  • My Committees

    • What can be done from My Committees?

      In the My Committees section an active user will see a list of the committees they are a member of. The ‘Quick-Nav’ shows upcoming meetings and enables ‘one-click’ access to all important information such as documentation for your next meeting, document archives, actions or membership.

      QM my committees page
  • My Files

    • What can be done from My Files?

      The My Files section displays all documentation shared with a user on a meeting by meeting basis. The user can quickly filter and search the documentation to easily find what they are looking for.

      QM my files page
  • My Network

    • What can be done from My Network?

      Designed with privacy in mind, ‘My Network’ is an interactive map that allows the user to visually navigate their diplomatic environment, making for a better oversight and understanding of ‘who’s who’ & ‘what’s what’.

      QM my network page
  • My Organisation

    • What can be done from My Organisations?

      This section displays the all organisations a user is a member of. This section also allows a user to select their primary organisation.

      QM my organisations page
  • My Profile

    • What can be done from My Profile?

      The My Profile section is accessible by clicking your profile photo in the top right of your screen. This area allows you to manage your profile, passwords & integrations.

      QM my profile page
  • Privacy

    • How private is my account and data?

      The Privacy section allows a user can adjust the level of privacy for their account. This section also records agreements made between the user and QuickMinutes.com in relation to EU Data Regulations. From here a user can quickly navigate to the ‘Terms of Service’, ‘Privacy Policy’ or ‘Cookies Policy’.

      QM privacy policy page
  • Sign & Seal

    • What is meeting pack Sign & Seal?

      The ‘Sign & Seal’ feature combines corporate governance with the immutable power of blockchain technology. With a few simple clicks a cryptographic hash of a meeting pack can be stored on the Stellar blockchain. This means the information in the meeting pack can not be altered in anyway.

  • Support

    • What support channels are available?

      Support can be accessed through the Web Application by navigating to the support page.

      QM support page

      QuickMinutes is committed to ensuring the success of our customers and operate in accordance with the following response times;

      Severity Level Description Maximum Response Time
      0 Platform is unavailable, unusable or all users are unable to log in. 2 Support Hours
      1 Platform has a defect which prevents use of any documented function. 2 Support Hours
      2 Platform has a defect which does not reduce capabilities but makes it inconvenient to use. 2 Support Hours
      2 PPlatform has a minor fault that does not affect the operational capabilities of the Platform. 2 Support Hours