Re-imagine the way you create, circulate and read Agendas & Minutes.

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Creating an Agenda has never been so simple.

The QuickMinutes interactive Agenda template will enable you to easily construct & issue meeting Agendas. With in-built multi-level and automatic numbering, the QuickMinutes Agenda builder almost creates itself.

In two shakes of a wizards sleeve you can then email a .PDF version of the Agenda to all meeting participants. Simply. Beautiful.

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We apply common sense and modern day cloud technologies to the concept of meeting administration.

QuickMinutes Feature

Our mission is to eliminate the administrative overhead associated with meeting management. The QuickMinutes feature facilitates the capture of key meeting information points that were discussed and agreed.

Actionable items can be assigned to individuals making it very clear as to who’s doing what. Low overhead high impact meeting minutes.

The Agenda Builder

You will no longer need to search for Agenda templates. There will no longer be a need to upload, attach, download, edit and reissue. All administrative functions now contained in a single web page.

Say ‘Good-Bye’ to rooting around, and say hello to efficiency. The QM Agenda Builder is here. Single. Click. Agenda.

Premium Features

We’re always adding more features to QuickMinutes to make it even better for you.

  • Attendance/Apologies Tracker.
  • Action Assigning / Tracking.
  • Google / MS Calendar Integration.
  • Document Storage.
  • Google and Office 365 SSO.
  • Multiple committee administrators.